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Handle poly bags produced by California Plastix

Poly Handle Bags

Poly handle bags have a handle at the top of the bag to give customers increased comfort while carrying your products.

This is very popular at trade shows and other special events where showing off your brand name is important.

Features & Options

  • Single layer die cut bags offer a more economical solution
  • Patch handle bags offer increased strength and increased holding comfort


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6 Color Dual Side Printing Available!

Poly bags can be produced in thicknesses between 0.4 mil to 8.0 mil per your specification.

Protectants are available to give your bag extra strength against elements such as extreme cold or long term UV exposure.

No DEHP (Phthalates) were used in the manufacturing of our products.

We have a range of anti-static additives that can be included in your product if needed.

All our products are made from 100% recyclable, FDA approved virgin materials in an environmentally friendly area adhering to AQMD standards, in the heart of Southern California.